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  Additional Training/Facilitation: 
  • Essentials of Asset Building: This four hour training will equip participants in 40 Developmental Assets/Search Institute in how to be an asset builder in your community. Every person has the potential to build these assets which are common sense, positive experiences and qualities
  • Team Building: assessment, recommendation and activities to help improve team performance.
  • Fund Development: organizational assessment, fund developement planning, analysis of revenue streams (participant, engaged, owner *Mission Increase), recommendations, quarterly evaluations and coaching.
  • Group Facilitation Methods: This two day training is  designed to increase your effectiveness in working with diverse groups and getting results utilizing ToP™ Facilitation Training Essential Tools for Effective Leadership. Learn three proven ways to activate group participation with hands-on practice. Benefits include: disappearance of unproductive conflict, groups create their own motivation, personal commitment becomes a norm, visisble results appear more quickly, increased productivity saves time, money.  
  • Mediation: Rooted in certified training and experience, we offer mediation for individuals and organizations facing conflict, challenges and blocks. We provide facilitation for active listening, authentic sharing and coming to a place of shared outcomes. 
  • Results Based Management (RBM): is a life-cycle approach to management that integrates strategy, people, resources, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, transparency and accountability. This approach focuses on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurement, learning and changing, and reporting performance. We also offer quarterly evaluation and coaching.
  • Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP): presents a structured planning process which helps build a spirit of ownership, consensus, and commitment in a group. PSP can deliver direct decisions as well as a clear idea of where participants want an organization or community to go, consensus about stategic directions, a community commitment to making things happen and a stronger sense of being a team. We also offer quarterly evaluation and coaching around the plan. Click here for Overview of Participatory Strategic Planning
  • Polarity Management: there are many ways that Polarity Management can add value to organizations. Polarity Management supplements either/or thinking with both/and thinking. This enhanced way of thinking can be applied in a variety of contexts, including strategic change, leadership, diversity and conflict management.

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