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Neighborhood Leaders Training

Cities Together offers various training for neighborhood leaders including: 

NeighborFest. NeighborFest is a community-driven, resident based initiative to connect neighbors, help them create unique neighborhood strategies, ultimately ensuring that they have the neighborhood of their dreams. NeighborFest starts starts with a one day event that catalyzes neighbor relationships and strategies for their neighborhood and community. NeighborFest promotes community by bringing neighbors together in a celebration of all that makes the neighborhood a great place to live. The event includes music, activities for kids, and interactive learning activities for all ages facilitating engagement with their natural gifts, skills, talents, and networks so they make a difference in their communities. As neighbors become more engaged with one another, they will move on to participate in a neighborhood strategy session, where they will have the opportunity to develop a shared vision and create a unique strategy that will help them to maintain or strive for the full potential of their neighborhood. Cost includes curriculum/content as well as training and coaching for leadership/planning team. 

12-week Neighborhood Leaders Training (for city neighborhood departments). This neighborhood leaders training aligns community development principles and methods with results based management model (RBM).  This twelve-week training is divided into four phrases: 

  • Phase One: Unlocking the Leader Within. Participants will discover their leadership style, strengths, gifts, values, personality blends, passion and purpose. This phase will facilitate participants’ self­-awareness growth in their leadership and with their neighborhood.
  • Phase Two: Understanding Place & Neighbor. Participants will discover the place where they live, their neighborhood and those who live around them, neighbors.

  • Phase Three: Building a Strong Community. Participants will learn how to listen, asset map and build a community table for the purpose of creating the neighborhood of their dreams.

  • Phase Four: Investing in and Impacting Your City. Participants will develop their skills in outreach and public engagement and learn how to sustain the work into the future.