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Community Development 101

Cities Together offers Community Development 101 training as a two day training as well as ten one-hour sessions. This training provides an overview of the foundational principles of community development including theory and practice.This training explores and engages the contextual and missional implications and application of CCD (Christian Community Development) principles based on the work of John Perkins and the ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) methodology developed by John McKnight and John Kretzman for the sustainable development and transformation of communities based on their resources, strengths, assets and potential rather their needs and deficits. The CCD methodology focuses on reconciliation, the ministry of God's presence, and new economy. The ABCD methodology is grounded in gifts/assets, associations and hospitality. Additional issues explored include: relationships and mutuality, power, collaboration and working together This 101 training provides language, theory and tools needed for the collaborative development and transformation of neighborhoods and communities.