Services Offered:

Coaching, Training, Facilitation 

  • Team Building: assessment, recommendation and activities to improve team performance.

  • Group Facilitation Methods: 2-day training increases effectiveness working with diverse groups and getting results w/ ToP™ Facilitation Training Essential Tools for Effective Leadership. Benefits: disappearance of unproductive conflict, groups create own motivation, personal commitment becomes norm, visible results appear more quickly, increased productivity saves time, money.  

  • Conflict Management: This training provides an overview of conflict, conflict responses and management, bridge building and peacemaking approaches. 

  • Leader Wellness: Self-care, stress management, trauma care

  • Mediation: (rooted in certified training/experience) for individuals and organizations facing conflict, challenges and blocks. We facilitate active listening, authentic sharing and coming to a place of shared, agreed upon outcomes. 

  • Results Based Management (RBM): is a life-cycle approach to management that integrates strategy, people, resources, processes and measurements to improve decision-making, transparency and accountability. 

  • Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP): a structured planning process that builds ownership, consensus, and commitment in a group. PSP delivers direct decisions and a direction for where participants want an organization or community to go, consensus about strategic directions, a community commitment to making things happen and a stronger sense of being a team. Participatory Strategic Planning Overview.

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